Planning to take your family to one of the top tourist destinations in the country? I’ll be sharing with you here our budget – friendly itinerary to Boracay Island. 

Before I share with you guys our Boracay trip, first here is my short journey to get to our hometown where my parents live. hehe! You can just skip reading this haha!

I was kind of exhilarated two days before our leading departure. I woke up so early to prepare myself to go to the airport. My flight schedule was 5 in the afternoon from Manila to Legazpi City. I already estimated the time from Subic to Manila, so I got no worry about it. But unfortunately unexpected things happened. It took so long for the bus to arrive. Parang buhay Pag ibig ko, ang tagal dumating.  haha! And so I missed out my flight.

And I just walked. lol !!!!

I arrived in Pasay exactly 5 o’clock, and it would take at least 30 minutes to get to the airport.

I couldn’t make it anyway so just lesson learned. hehe!

I just bought a bus ticket for a night trip and took about more than 12 hours.

Yay !!!! Finally I’m home!

When the day came, I can see the excitement built up on their faces and nervous at the same time. Well I feel them when it was also my first time in the plane haha! Years back I was not even prepared. The Stomach sinking feeling. Lol! I think you can relate… I remember when my nephew told me that his stomach was like having bubbles inside. Lol

If you are looking for a place where you can let your worries drift away, then head to this small island in Western Visayas, located in the province of Aklan municipality of Malay. This gorgeous island, well its famous all over the world for being one of the top destinations for relaxation. The new BORACAY. 


The province has two airports provide access to boracay island. KALIBO International Airport that serves the general area of Kalibo, the capital of Aklan. Another one is the GODOFREDO  P. RAMOS AIRPORT known as CATICLAN AIRPORT in the town of Malay -this is the nearest airport to boracay island. 

Arrival at Caticlan Airport

Once you arrive at Caticlan Airport you can see this transportation counters, where you can buy tickets for “van and boat package” to Boracay island.  It cost 150 per person, this is hassle free and more comfortable especially if you are travelling with family members  with seniors and kids. You can also opt to take a trike outside the airport  its way cheaper. About 7 to 10 minutes ride to Caticlan Jetty Port from the airport. Once you are in Caticlan Jetty Port you can proceed to registration and fill out the form. Then go ahead to pay the terminal fee cost you 100 pesos and environmental fee is 75 pesos per person. Once you have paid, you can go inside the port building and go through security check.  If you avail the package transfer you don’t need to wait in line just go straight to the boat.


Travel time is less than 30 minutes. Once u are in Cagban Jetty Port (Boracay island),  plenty of electric trike outside the port and will take you to your accommodation.


We paid 120 pesos for the 5 of us, trike can not get in to the beach so  you have to walk  a little distance if your hotel is on the beachfront.


Since the reopening of the island last October 2018 there are new rules and restrictions. Limiting the number of tourists allowed to enter the island. No eating or drinking allowed on the beach, no smoking, no more fire dancing on the beach, and no commercial sandcastles making, umbrellas and chairs are banned on the beach. If you are wishing to stay in boracay island you must have a hotel booking or reservation to show. 

Finding your ideal hotel can be stressful sometimes. But because this is one of the most developed destinations in the country, looking for a place to stay is relatively easy-breezy. There are hotel booking websites or apps you can use to find your perfect hotel room at your best budget. 

We stayed the at Taj Resort and Spa for 3 nights, great location and only few steps to White beach of station 2.

On our 4th night on the island we moved to another hotel called YCL. It is located along the main street. For  a Superior room it has two queen size bed,  small flat screen tv, mini fridge, split type AC, hot and cold shower, some basic toiletries, hair blower and small balcony. Not bad for the price. 

20200111_214932 (1)

The island is approximately seven kilometers long and one kilometer wide. It is a dog-bone shaped. The island consists of three barangays; Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak.  Boracay has two primary tourism beaches,  The White Beach facing the westward and Bulabog Beach facing eastward, these are located on opposite sides of the island’s narrow central area.



This beach is truly amazing with this stunning long stretches of powdery white sand and crystal clear waters plus the coconut trees lined along the beach to give a picturesque view to visitors. . The main tourism beach, and it is divided into three stations. Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3.

my chocolate legs sprinkle with confectioner sugar lol
Willy’s Rock

Station 1 the northernmost part of the white beach and widest beachfront. If you are the type of a vacationer who wants to experience the atmosphere of tranquility and luxurious holiday then this is an ideal place for you. Where excellent hotels, and resorts are located. Accommodations are costing the earth, but the quality is generally the best. 

Happy Kyle

Station 2  The most crowded area, the center of tourists commercial establishments. Numerous hotels and restaurants. This is where the D’Mall located- considered as the main shopping center. Most of the shops are open till midnight. For party lovers who wants  to experience the surreal nightlife of Boracay, then this would give a tropical vibe while enjoying your favorite drinks and making a great combination of music and meeting new friends.


1578471265497 (1)
me and my nephew
Happy feet
20191208181655_IMG_3086 (1)

Station 3 this is the southern part of the stations, this is the most greener laid back part of white beach, there are great beach bars, restaurants. and souvenir shops. And more on budget friendly accommodations.


Witnessing this spectacular view of sunset. As we watched the sun disappeared into the horizon, turning the sky into orange and red, my favorite colours.  This is one of the reasons why I love about Boracay. Even though they say too commercial or over crowded, well no complain about it and will definitely visit again.



Probably a good escape from the hustle and bustle in white beach. About 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from white beach. There are few accommodations available in this area. It is known for kitesurfing and windsurfing activities. 




Helmet Diving

One of the water activities in Boracay Island. it does not requires good swimming ability. Enjoyable and exciting experience! Get close encounter to marine life. It cost less than a thousand pesos for 20 minutes reef walking with helmet diving equipment. Plus free souvenir  photos and videos underwater.

photo credit from Hazel together with her friends

Stand Up Paddle board

Experience how its like to float on the water surface from this paddle board. This is a good exercise to maintain your balance and strengthen your body while paddling into the water to workout your arms. Either you can do by standing up on the paddle board, kneeling or sitting down what makes you comfortable. It was enjoyable experience. It cost 600 pesos per hour. There are guys on the beach offering tours and water activities.



Another vantage point to watch the stunning sunset,  this rustic white beach you should not miss when you are in BORACAY. About 15 to 20 minutes ride away from the center. 

photo credit from hazel


Consider doing some research in advance before leaving  your hotel to avoid wasting time looking from one place to another or going back and forth , or ended up eating in an over budget restaurant. Pheew…

Boracay offers a wide variety of restaurants, from fast food type to good quality one. Lined along the white beach from station 1  up to station 3.


Paraiso Bar and Grill 

A seafood restaurant that serves a good quality Filipino foods, it is located in the heart of station 2.


Planning ahead is a pivotal part of a successful trip. Saving some energy, money and time. Just be patient and wait for low fares could score you some cheap flights. Do some more research and compare prices. 

Here are the samples of our itinerary


Legazpi to Cebu via PAL————5,615.88

Cebu to Caticlan via Air Asia—– -3625.44

Caticlan to Cebu via Cebu Pac—- 5717.36

Cebu to Legazpi via Cebu Pac.— 9,458.08

ACCOMMODATION (4 nites and 3 days

Taj Resort and Spa 3 nights——- 7,918.41

YCL Hotel 1 nite ————————2,663.16

Estimated budget at least 2500 pesos per meal everyday. 

Plus additional expenses if you are going to have some activities/tours, transportation, buying Souvenirs or pasalubong.

But this is not about the how much money you spent, what matters most is the experience, happiness, creating memories and the quality time with your families. 

Thanks for reading…. hope you guys enjoy the trip with your family.  Until next time kisssses

Keep Safe Everyone!



  1. Some of my fondest memories of Borocay are taking walks along the beach early in the mornings before the sun has fully risen. Very few people about and it was always peaceful.


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