How to be Productive Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown

We understand that this coronavirus is the biggest social, economic and health emergency we are facing now. As citizens we play a big role, being responsible and helping each other to prevent spreading the virus. It is important that we follow the precautionary measures from experts. And simple as that to understand #stayhome.

We have to accept and learn to live differently for a while.

Being on lockdown doesn’t mean to be bored and just sit and do nothing. C’mon don’t be a lazybones.
Plan your day ahead. It is essential that we plan our day to day and include some activities. Setting up a specific routine the time we get out of bed could have a big impact on our mood and productivity levels throughout the day. It also cultivates a positive attitude. Take some time to think about what a good morning day looks like for you. Things that make you feel good.
Here are some activities you can do at home.


For some of us getting up early in the morning can be a struggle sounds like a torture doesn’t it? Most of us can relate, if you are not an A-PERSON, why not try and challenge yourself? How many times you promise yourself you are going to do your exercise but nothing happens. Lol! Is it true? Don’t make some excuses that gyms are closed. You can do it at home! Be motivated to rise each morning. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. It gives us more energy and boosts a good mood. In the end this will just benefit ourselves.


Tired of reading news about Covid-19. Every time you open your social media and scroll down you read how many people get infected all over the world and deaths every day. It’s frustrating right? It affects our physical and mental health. Pick some good books. There are also eBooks available. Try to read some motivational or inspirational books, this way it helps lower our stress. Reading at least a little each day can improve our focus and memory function.



Busy or no time, these are always our excuses for everything. We all know that we are jam packed with errands, school, meetings, business and so on and so forth… nevertheless if we really want to do something, there’s always a way. Everybody loves eating, who doesn’t want to? So let’s take advantage of the time we are home. There are a wide selection of online cooking videos you can watch and try. Cook something healthy and delicious for your family and love ones. Be creative, make your own recipes. Enjoy and have fun with what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes forget about your “what if ‘s” If you never try you will never know. Be a chef of your own kitchen. Do you like cooking or baking? I will be sharing some of my recipes on my other blogs you may want to checkout 🙂

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Move your ass from the couch and don’t spend too much time on social media. Spend some time outdoors, start organizing your home garden. Watering, replanting or even just cleaning some wild weeds from your garden would make your plants happy. Save some vegetable or fruit seeds from your kitchen and plant them.




Most of us, especially girls, have at least some pair of clothes that we’ll never wear again because we don’t like it anymore or it doesn’t fit the way they used to. It’s time to tidy up your messy closet. Get rid of those stuff you don’t like, do some kindness either give them to your neighbours you think they need, donate to charity or simply you can recycle them. Refashion your old boring clothes to a new style.

Image from Pinterest

Whether you are writing poetry, prose or simply in your diary, expressing yourself through writing can help you share your thoughts, feelings, and perspective. When writing ideas, information or opinions in your own words helps you assimilate your knowledge. This helps you build a structure that will allow you to express yourself better and communicate multiplex ideas in a much more effective way. And you understand yourself fully. It eliminates the stress that causes having many thoughts hitting your head



Have you ever considered writing down your daily journal? this may sound boring right? My routine isn’t so interesting. What am I gonna write in there? well think again.
I have been writing my journal for the last 15 years. Fortunately this has been helpful to me in my personal growth and goal achievement. This is a great way to organize my thoughts, think of great ideas, learn to appreciate the present and plan the future, goals and dreams.

Rereading or reviewing what I have written is a good way to see my progress. I have learned so much from my past . It helps me improve my ability to navigate the difficult times, and not only live a happier life, but I also grow as a person. You accept things, you forgive people, and you move forward.

Probably you wished you had been born with some type of gift or talents that you see from other people. Picturing someone who’s incredibly talented like a celebrity, an athlete, a musician, a designer etc etc. don’t feel bad about yourself. We are all born unique and special. Your unique talents show you why you make your own choices, enjoy certain activities and are better at some things than others. You have hidden talents or skills that you may not be aware of. Discover yourself, develop the things mostly you really enjoy doing.


This will not be permanent. We’ll get through this together. #stayhome #staySafe #stayhealthy

stay safe everyone

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