3 Reasons Why It Is Really Hard To Find Job in the Philippines During Pandemic

When the pandemic started a year ago, we all have the fear of how we survive the life being in lockdown. Many of us worries where to get the budget for the family. We never expect that this situation causes us to get starve, lose our jobs, and loved ones.

I never expect that I would experienced losing my job and being stuck in an old apartment during pandemic. I tried submitting resume multiple times online . But things were not that easy for an undergraduate person like me. I asked myself why is it so hard to find decent jobs that pays well? the short answer is….there is a mismatch between a jobseeker’s skills and expectations.

Here, the job description is way too high than the amount offered. Hiring department has high expectations. If I am going to describe it would be the word “DEMANDING”. The standards for a position is stringent. Most of the private companies REQUIRES bachelors degree, with pleasing personality, and of course we can include that word “can work under pressure”. The amount of workloads is beyond the job description.

Here are the three reasons I have observed why there are lots of Filipinos who are out of jobs during this difficult time.

One, It is essential to have a degree when you apply for a job regardless of your work history. You are lucky if you have bachelor’s degree plus a great work experienced. However due to financial restraints most of the Filipinos never had the chance to complete or finish their schooling which causes numbers/ millions of jobless individuals.

Second, having pleasing personality is an advantage. The hiring team will consider you with this so called “grain of salt “during the process. They just simply make some shortcuts from initial to the final interview without taking any assessment. And if it happens that you know someone in a private company or specially in the government offices well congratulations! You are hired! this so called “Palakasan System” is common in the Philippines. Or called it as backer, a certain people with a high position that can be a relatives or friends.

If you are quite the average you will end up going through this difficult step by step process.

Lastly, you cannot do your work done without needing these online. Submitting your resume you need to have your device (laptop) and network connection in order to land that job you are applying for. How about for those who doesn’t have or cannot afford to have those. After a devil of time creating you cv (curriculum vitae) still not a guarantee that you will get your dream job.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

In order to stand out, you may want to upgrade your cv to look more professional.

Once you get the job, nothing compares hearing the magic word “CONGRATULATIONS!” you are now part of the team, as their usual catchphrase to welcome you.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

As word of advice never quit your job if you are not financially and emotionally ready.


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