After being locked up for more than a year, you probably can’t wait  to pack your bag and hit the road. Well, the pandemic is not yet over. 

Travelling this time is not as easy as before.

We need to be  more extra cautious to avoid getting infected and protect ourselves and loved ones.

But as long as we always remember and follow all the precautions advised by experts, we could minimize the risk of getting covid-19. Wearing a mask is crucial, protecting not only ourselves but also the people around us from spreading the virus.

When some of the restrictions has been lifted, I immediately booked our flight together with my sister. We secured all the requirements needed for our trip.

We always made sure that we wore face masks and face shields during our entire trip and always sanitized our hands and do physical distancing or avoided the crowd. 

We were already at the airport around 10:30 am, and our flight was late in the afternoon. There were not that many people inside. And most of the shops were closed. 

We arrived home around 8 o’clock in the evening and went straight to the bathroom to clean up ourselves. 

Spending time with family is always great.

Smelling the fresh air,  harvesting vegetables in your own garden, cooking delicious meals, climbing up the trees and visiting my favorite spot.. This is where I call HOME. 

The simplicity of lifestyle. You will appreciate every little thing, especially during this time of pandemic.  

Unripe Jackfruit
Patani ( Lima Bean)
String beans
Siling Labuyo
Saba Banana
Lacatan Banana

On a day’s walk we found these  animals greetings on our way. 

I planned for a day escape to catch the sun  with my family to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. We woke up early to prepare everything we needed for a day trip. 

On the way to our destination. Our eyes endlessly immerse by these breathtaking green lushes from overlooking mountains. 

After almost 2 hours of driving we finally arrived at the beach

The place is located in Sitio Tambac Maonon, Ligao City. Approx 2 to 3 hours from Legazpi City airport. 

The plan was to go to Punta Estrella Beach Resort, but instead the driver brought us to Punta Almara. We had a misunderstanding because it sounds similar to “Punta” lol. Anyway we didn’t want to ruin that day, I just cancelled my reservation to the first resort. 

Moving on…. It was a good place to live it up. The staff seems amiable enough to give a smile to their guests. 

Watching the blue water, the smell of the ocean breeze, and the warmth of the sun immediately changes my mood. When my toes touch the sand I’m as happy as a clam.  Watching the waves crashing into the shore, this scenic landscape gives a relaxed and calm feeling. 

This lifestyle I have always pining for.

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