SUMMER VACATION (Pinamuntugan Island)

This is always my favourite part of the year. The feeling of excitement and being relaxed, the waves, the wind, the sun that touches my skin, this is definitely my happy place. 

 Famed for its gorgeous white sand beaches, from popular tourist destinations for locals and foreign to unspoiled island beaches. My homeland. Not only for this unique black sand beach, and the active Mayon volcano. 

The view of Mayon volcano at Bicol Intl Airport

Head to the southeastern part of Luzon and be amazed by this pristine beach of Pinamuntugan island located in Bacacay Albay. 

Since we got the chance to visit again our beloved province of Albay. We took it as an opportunity, before it will totally locked down again lol, after the IATF approved placing the NCR and other areas to alert Level 1. Yes!, finally we can travel again. For those who are unvaccinated, providing a negative RT-PCR test or antigen test taken within 48 hours before departure.

I booked our ticket  in advance, though I was not so sure yet at that time about the status of the travel restrictions but still got a cheap air fare. Yay!

So excited to be with my family after a year without seeing them. 

From Subic we got to leave a day before our flight. Well I have learned a lesson from the last time I missed my flight haha! 

I booked a hotel through Agoda, called OYSTER PLAZA HOTEL located in Paranaque City which is just close to the airport. We had an overnight stay, and approximately ten minutes drive to the airport by grab car and only cost about 220 pesos. The hotel was nice and affordable with free breakfast. 

We departed from Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2, and arrived at Bicol International Airport located in Daraga Albay. This newly opened  airport is about 11 km from Legazpi Grand Central Terminal. It took us 20 to 25 minutes to drive. Cost of UV is 220 pesos per person. And dropped us off at Legazpi terminal. There are no tricycles inside the airport. It’s good if you have a service to pick you up.  

Bicol International Airport Arrival

After a tiring day trip, finally we arrived in our hometown, our beloved Ligao City.

Whenever we go home we always visiting this place in Ligao.

St. Stephen Protomartyr Parish Church
Ligao City Hall

A hill without a hilltop that captures my soul, giving me a real sense of how a home feels like. 

Our favorite place, The Kawa Kawa Natural Park. 

Chili ice cream
Sister and nephew

After a few days of staying home in Ligao City, together with my sister and nephew, we packed up and left the town. We stroll around Legazpi first before heading to Bacacay. 

There are options on how to get to Bacacay Albay. If you are around Legazpi city, head to the terminal, either take an e-trike or a regular one for around 20 to 50 pesos. From the terminal, find the UV Express going to Bacacay. Fare is 50 pesos per head, estimated travel time is 45 to 60 minutes drive. 

Another option, if you’re coming from Tabaco City, head to Tabaco terminal and take a jeepney going to Bacacay, fare ranges from 40 to 60 pesos.

Or you can go directly to Tabaco port and charter a boat to Pinamuntugan island.

There are sites or pages where you can book your adventure package going to the island. 

Before going to the island make sure to bring enough food and things you need especially if you stay overnight. There are supermarkets in Bacacay town centre.

Once you are in Bacacay port, you may rent a boat going to Pinamuntugan island and it will cost you around 3500 pesos, good for 15 pax back and forth. It will be cheaper if you are in a big group. Going there will take about 1 and a half hours. For us it took almost two hours. The boat men dropped off some passengers to another island before we headed to Pinamuntugan. 

I did some research about the island that it’s possible to rent a tent there. That’s why I didn’t bother to bring one. But the caretaker told us that some visitors on the island took them home. Anyway moving on….

Docking fee for a day stay is 400 pesos and for overnight it cost 800 pesos. 

There were 3 kids when we docked on the island, you could see a blissful bright smile on their faces and turned upon us. They were happily playing and making splash in the water. 

You’ll find this truly relaxing private island as an ultimate destination for a restful getaway. 

This idyllic tropical paradise where you can indulge yourself in these tranquil clear blue waters. Also perfect for snorkelling or simply lying on the white sand beach and enjoying the sun all day long. 

A truly paradise

Provide a few open cottages and a backdrop of green lush tropical jungles and these towering coconut trees, a perfect paradise scenery. 

We spent the whole day on the beach and feasted our eyes on this drop-dead scenic view. 

As the sun gets tired and slowly puts off its heat, I need to get out of the water to find our food before it gets totally dark. Haha! The New season of Survivor lol!

I went with the caretaker to the neighbouring island where we can buy some food and bottled water. Good thing it was low tide, perfect for wading in shallow water. 

There was a distance to get to the neighbouring island. A small community were happy kids playing along the shore. There were sari sari stores where you can buy basic stuff you need. It was almost dark when we got back to the island. She also provided us with a big tarpaulin, hot water in the thermos, and a solar light. No electricity on the island .“A big thanks to ate”

We made a fire to cook our delicious dinner haha! A fresh catch hotdog from the sari sari store. Lol!!!!!

Another amazing beauty of the nighttime sky. Be prepared for a cool night and let your eyes adjust to the wonders above. Lying down on the sand, the night sky was so clear and picturesque. Every twinkle of the stars caught my eyes. Sorry no photos of the night sky hehe!

In the late night, A gust of wind flung on the tarpaulin we covered up on our cottage. Then suddenly it started raining cats and dogs, so I pulled an all-nighter to check if everything was okay. 

We were so happy to have these three dogs with us during the entire night.

The two dogs were beside me haha!

Yes! We survived from the cold night sleeping on the sand haha!

Getting up early in the morning with a cup of coffee, as I walked along the shore glancing at this spectacular view of sunrise.

Getting some vitamin D
Got so much energy from the sun, I can almost fly

We didn’t waste the few hours left on the island before the boatmen arrived to pick us up. 

We felt ecstatic staying on the island and definitely we will go back and bring a big tent next time! Haha!

Thanks. Hope you guys enjoy reading. Feel free to share.

Keep safe and have a great time. Kisses

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