How to be Stylish with your Basic Clothing Pieces

Does it ever happen to you when you are searching through your wardrobe full of clothes but can’t find the right outfit? I feel you girl! But we don’t need to make these things too complicated.

We always want to give our best shot to have a perfect look right? Clothing is a self expression, it empowers your self confidence. It is not just about the brands you wear. This is something that makes you feel comfortable, something that feels like YOU.  Here is the thing, first of all, it is important to know your body type and personal style. Are you into classics? Trendy? Boho? Etc. etc.…

You don’t need to break your bank to make yourself look beautiful with your clothing taste.

Scoring high quality clothes at a low price? Sure you can. There are very good quality clothes that you can buy anywhere. Find a trusted brand online or near you where you can get on sale. You can also try local thrift stores where clothing prices are usually inexpensive. 

Finding an outfit that flatters your figure can be simple, if, you understand and accept

your body shape.

Let’s find out first the common body shapes for women

  1. INVERTED TRIANGLE – shoulders and bust are larger than your hips
  2. RECTANGLE– shoulders, bust, and hips are same size with no define waistline
  3. PEARSHAPED – also known as triangle body type, hips are wider than your shoulder
  4. HOURGLASS– shoulders and hips are about the same size, with a very defined waistline. 
  5. APPLE-SHAPED – also known as circle or round body type, curvy with a less defined waist

Now that we are familiar with our body type, let’s go ahead and check these basic or classic pieces that you probably have already in your wardrobe and for you  to create your cute and stylish look. These are investment pieces, and you don’t need to go all out with your hard earned money. These can last for many years.


Here are some fun ways to style your denim shorts,

  1. Relaxed Look. A striped long sleeves shirt and ripped denim shorts? why not? an effortless outfit that will definitely give you a modish look.
low rise denim short + striped long sleeves

Chic Style

mid rise ripped denim shorts + knitted sweater
black top + mid rise white denim shorts
short sleeves black top + low rise white denim shorts

Make your summer brighter than the sun in this colorful top, pair it with blue denim shorts and your white sneakers. Add your sling bag and shades to complete the look. Perfect outfit for a sunny day.

white denim shorts + backless bathing suit ready for your summer beach outfit


Simple, clean and easy. A perfect wardrobe staple and has an endless styling possibilities from causal to being sleek.


Also called as blue jeans. It began as a workwear for hundreds of years. Jacob W. Davis a tailor in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. introduced jeans with rivets in 1873.

There are so many different styles of jeans out there. From classic straight leg, high rise skinny jeans to wide leg silhouettes. A pair that fits perfectly and is guaranteed to make you look amazing is worth investing. If you want to achieve your best look, choose the right style for your body type.

Black top and ripped jeans are excellent combination to have in your daily casual repertoire. To give an extra look, complement it with your easy to go footwear for anything and everything casual.


Plain and simple. This is versatile and easy to mix and match to any shades of colors

I rounded up some outfit ideas that will definitely transform this classic piece into a polished look.

Looking for a nice and comfy outfit? Why not a black tank top and a brown pants, these would make you look so simple in this casual outfit

Running out of ideas for your ootd? Why not a black top and pair it with this stylish white crochet mini skirt.

Straight Leg pants can go with any number of tops, but always choose a top that accentuates your waist. Tucking your top in at the waist accomplishes this sophisticated effect. Finish the look with a pair of your stilettos.


Are staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It is the perfect option if you want to look a little more polished without trying so hard. Depending on the occasion and how you style them. Finding the right fit that flatters your body type can be quite challenging. But there are many styles out there to choose from. Find the right blazer that reflects your style, and complements other items already in your wardrobe to get a smart casual look.


Beach Cover-Up

Sometimes the best look comes from the least effort.

This white button shirt is an instant classic piece. From the city to the sandy shore. Make your next beach trip more dashing, breezy and cool. If you are opt to look a bit more sophisticated, grab a white button shirt on your next beach trip.


Black has always been a color rich in symbolism.

LBD is referred to as an evening or cocktail dress. In the fashion history, attributes the origin to the 1920’s design of Coco Chanel. Simple and accessible for women of all social classes.

It is also considered as an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe. An ultimate classic color.

Do you own a little black dress? You can never go wrong with your LBD, it can be worn to almost any accasions.


Also known as jean or trucker jacket. Introduced in the United States in the late 19th century, a popular type of casual apparel for men and women.

Here is your favorite LBD with your jean jacket. An ideal fusion of style and comfort. Looking minimalist and chic matching with your favorite sneakers.

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